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The Google Home Hub is the ultimate digital picture frame with the ability to control your connected home, jump start your day with programed routines, and even assist you through meal preparation during a busy evening.

Working with Media Monks in Los Angeles, these images live on the Google Home Hub to showcase screen quality, reproduction of vibrant colors, and bright realistic highlights. There’s a lot of effort that goes into working with young talent but it’s a lot of fun turning a photoshoot into rambunctious birthday party and wrangling a house full of children for the split second opportunity to get the shot.


6 wild kids

2 delicious cakes

1 Google Home Hub

“Did someone say party?”

Google Home Display-Wordell-7934.jpg
Google Home Display-Wordell-7696.jpg
Google Home Display-Wordell-7709.jpg
Google Home Display-Wordell-7890.jpg